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2nd February Giveaway

Our 2nd February Giveaway sponsored by Krisna Homemade is in the air!
A multifunction bag is waiting for one lucky reader. There are many pockets on it. You can use to save money, markers, pens, cosmetic brushes,passportsdocuments, cellphoneetc.Whatever you like :)

How to win?
- Follow Ideku Handmade's Blog andKrisna Homemade's Blog
- Being Krisna Homemade's friend on Facebook
- Follow Ideku Handmade's Twitter
- Put this button on your side bar
- Leave a comment and your e-mail
- You can repost or share or twit if you want too :)

Giveaway is open to Indonesian Residents
 only. Sorry. I will sellect the winners randomly on Feb 29!

Muhammad Rifqi Saifudin
Muhammad Rifqi Saifudin Abdi masyarakat yang senang menangkap momen dalam bentuk cerita. Bisa dihubungi di: - rifqimu@gmail.com - @m_rifqi_s (Instagram) - @mrifqi_s (Twitter)

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