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How do I Pick My Bodysuit

Selecting the ideal bodysuit among numerous brands can feel overwhelming, particularly in the era of burgeoning online shopping. Yet, rather than resorting to trial and error, which often results in avoidable returns, exchanges, and environmental impact, you can embrace more intelligent sizing approaches. 

Caution: Your sizing may differ between brands. For example, you might wear a size S in one brand and a size M in another without knowing the reason behind the variation. Brands often employ different sizing scales. Therefore, before hitting the "checkout" button, pay attention to the following: 

Measurements Over Size 

Checking measurements instead of relying solely on size is crucial for finding the perfect fit, especially when selecting the best shapewear for tummy. Here's how to measure yourself: 

To accurately determine your size, measure your body length (from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet), bust, waist, and hip. Use a measuring tape and set aside around 5 minutes of your time. Undress and measure all the parts of your body. If you prefer extra room at the bust, wear your bras while measuring, leaving a gap in between. Ensure you measure your natural waist without holding the tape too tightly. Stand erect with your feet at a shoulder-width distance for accurate measurements. Once you have your measurements, refer to the brand's size chart to determine your size. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to the brand. They are there to help you, whether it's through chat or another communication channel. 

Utilize the international size conversion chart for added assurance. In case of any measuring discrepancies, it's recommended that you cross-check your size with the international size chart. If you notice significant differences, remeasure yourself or consult with them. Sizing discrepancies exist across regions like Asia, Europe, and the US, underscoring the importance of measuring yourself before drawing conclusions. 

Brand Tailoring 

It is important to consider whether the brand caters to your unique body type, whether it's Western or Eastern. Your body is unique, and it's crucial to choose a brand that recognizes and respects that uniqueness, especially when selecting wedding shapewear to ensure a perfect match with your gown. 

Review Checking 

 Before making a purchase, always check reviews. Look for reviews from individuals with similar body types and, if possible, those accompanied by photos showcasing how the garment fits. This technique, known as 'cross-referencing', provides valuable insights into selecting the right size. After that, I suggest you do the same so the other customer can get the best view of the shapewear.

Fabric and Stretch 

Examine the fabric content or product description to ascertain whether the product is stretchy. This factor significantly impacts the fit, particularly when considering shapewear like butt lifting shapewear. It is crucial to understand whether the fabric will conform to your body shape or potentially distort it. 

With the many online shopping options available, it's essential to approach your shapewear selection carefully. Remember, more choices can be overwhelming, but they also offer more opportunities for you to find the perfect fit. So, embrace the variety and enjoy your shapewear shopping journey!

Muhammad Rifqi Saifudin
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